Tiny Tigers 3 - 4 yrs, free 2 week Wing Chun Martial Arts trial - Fridays 1.00pm Ashwells Road

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Join us today by booking your free two week Wing Chun, Martial Arts trial Above – all you need to do is complete the booking by selecting the day and time you would like train each week from the options above. Then simply come along for the next class on the day and time you have chosen. You can wear track bottoms a t-shirt and trainers, remember to bring along a drink of water. Upon booking you will also receive an email with the full details of your class and any other information you will need.

Look forward to seeing you at tour first Fuli Martial Arts class soon.

Our Tiny Tigers classes have been specifically created to introduce infants of three and four years old into the benefits and core elements of martial arts training. These small group sessions are designed to engage your child with games, competitions and fun pad drills encompassing the core basic stances, blocks and strikes of the Wing Chun System. While they are engaged and enjoying themselves, they will also be introduced to the basic etiquette and discipline standards required to move on into our Dragons classes when they reach reception school age. Parents / Carers will be required to attend these sessions and be actively involved in holding pads and working with their child. It’s a fantastic opportunity for parents that want to gain an understanding of the system and art that their child is learning and not simply send them into a class.


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