Ages 4 - 7

The Dragons Wing Chun program is for children from reception age up to their eighth birthday. It will introduce your child to all the benefits that a great martial arts and self defence program has to offer.

It has been designed to directly complement and enhance the disciplines and behaviours required for your child to succeed through positive learning and reward at school and in everyday life. The program also introduces young children to the basics of our Fuli M.A. wellbeing for life system, giving them an understanding of basic nutrition and healthy levels of exercise that keep their body and mind in great shape.

The Dragons system is based around the first third of Wing Chun's first form and equips the student with basic strikes, blocks, kicks and footwork. This program will set your child on a positive life path from an early age, equipping them with key learning skills to help them succeed, defend themselves and look after their health and wellbeing.
Classes are run specifically with this age group in mind ensuring that a great level of discipline is upheld whilst your child has the opportunity to discover how much fun can be had while exercising practicing martial arts. The classes are face paced with plenty of activities, races and competitions to keep them engaged while they learn the key aspects of the Wing Chun system and core movements to allow them to defend themselves later on in life.

Join us by booking your free two week trial below – it's easy! All you need to do is complete the booking and then come along for the next class on the day and time you have chosen. You can wear track bottoms a t-shirt and trainers, remember to bring along a drink of water. Upon booking you will also receive an email with the full details of your class.

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