Elevate - Advanced Training and Weapons Program

Raise your training to the next level by joining our Elevate advanced training program. Training of the Wing Chun weapons system and Wooden Dummy directly enhances your open hand Wing Chun, you will see your strength, power and techniques accelerate month by month by committing to this program.
All of our Elevate training takes place in small personal groups and is designed to target your individual needs directly. This is not a seminar based program where 30 or 50 students are trying to learn from one individual. You will learn -

Baart Cham Dao - The Wing Chun Butterfly Swords
Luk Dim Boon Kwan - The Wing Chun long pole
Mook Yan Jong - The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Advanced Chi Sau techniques
Advanced open hand forms
Ground Fighting

This program is only open to existing Fuli M.A. members that are 9yrs and above. There are two intakes to the program annually.