Ages 12 - 17

Our Teenagers Wing Chun program is for children from eleven years / when they start at senior school. The training in this group contains all of the great content from the Phoenix program - Solid self defence skills, situational awareness skills and a good understanding of maintaining great physical and mental wellbeing.

In these classes the students are encouraged to push through both mental and physical limitations, helping them build a determined approach to their Wing Chun training and physical conditioning. These are the skills that will help them push through the many challenges that life throws at them with a positive mindset and the expectation of reaching their goals or the perseverance to pick up and try again.

Join us by booking your free two week trial below – it's easy! All you need to do is complete the booking and then come along for the next class on the day and time you have chosen. You can wear track bottoms a t-shirt and trainers, remember to bring along a drink of water. Upon booking you will also receive an email with the full details of your class.

Book a free 2 week trial