Beginners or Experienced 17+

Our adults beginners program offers you the opportunity to learn Wing Chun comfortably as you get down the basics and then allows you to push forwards at a rate and to the level which suits you. You will have the opportunity to train in small groups of beginners or stretch your wings in a mixed group interacting with all levels of students. The level to which you want to take your training is in your control, we can support you to the highest levels of testing your Wing Chun if you wish to do so.

We also welcome students of all ages with existing Wing Chun experience and will help you find your appropriate grade and level within our club. Fuli M.A. have the experience and facilities to allow your Wing Chun skills to flourish and grow.

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We have a local facility available that is fully matted and has the highest level of Wing Chun training equipment that we know of anywhere………

Our adults Wing Chun program offers the flexibility to train multiple times each week. We offer specific classes for training different aspects and levels within the art so you will be able to train at a level that suits you. We offer separate classes for those that wish to experience sparring and contact work to test their skills and even dedicated Black belts only tuition to ensure that even those with the highest levels of skill can continue to progress.

We teach enough Weapons and Wooden Dummy training as part of our standard curriculum to give you a base level of skill. We also offer those wanting to specifically grow those skills our ‘Elevate Weapons and Advanced Training Program’. Elevate will take you to the highest level with dedicated classes that allow us to focus on teaching you the weapons, wooden dummy, advanced forms and Chi sau.

Join us by booking your free two week trial below – it's easy! All you need to do is complete the booking and then come along for the next class on the day and time you have chosen. You can wear track bottoms a t-shirt and trainers, remember to bring along a drink of water. Upon booking you will also receive an email with the full details of your class.

Book a 2 week trial