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Wing Chun training for all ages

The Chinese word Fúlì means Wellbeing in English and this forms the foundation of our club. Empowering our students to look after their own physical and mental wellbeing in any life situation is our primary focus and goal.

We are proud to be a small and independent local school that offers its students a welcoming environment with a personal learning experience. We maintain an open-door policy and welcome people of all abilities and levels to train with us in a multicultural, diverse and open environment.

Our professionally run classes cater for all ages –

Children’s classes are fun, whilst being challenging and instilling great personal behaviours and respect in our students. This is supported by a leading rewards system that will engage your child whilst instilling in them that great social behaviors and self-respect leads to great success and rewards in life.

Our adults program offers you the opportunity to train comfortably as a complete beginner or join us an experienced Wing Chun practitioner. You will be training in our fully matted and superbly equipped Kwoon. We offer all levels of training in a no pressure environment - traditional form and partner work, modern pad and equipment based training, through to full contact sparring for those that really want to test and push the boundaries of their Wing Chun skills.

We welcome students of all ages with existing Wing Chun experience and will help you find your appropriate grade and level within our club.

We have a local facility available that is fully matted and has the highest level of Wing Chun training equipment that we know of anywhere...

We look forward to seeing you training with us soon


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World Class Facility

Best equipped Wing Chun facility that we know of anywhere! 7 wooden dummies, wallbags, weapons and fully matted training areas throughout

BMABA Affiliation

Fully accredited, licenced and insured

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Fully qualified Instructors

All of our classes are lead by fully qualified and DBS checked Fuli M.A. instructors.


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